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KwaZulu Natal


Campsdrift is situated on the West Side of Pietermaritzburg and is predominantly an Industrial area. Campsdrift is also home to some Retail Outlets, mostly bulk buying, such as Makro. Campsdrift Park is home to Factory Shops and small businesses including furniture and farm equipment sales Campsdrift is situated near to the residential area of Edendale. Edendale is now growing as a Retail node with a number of Businesses trading in the area as well as the popular Edendale Mall Complex.


Hilton is a small town situated north of Pietermaritzburg. It has great access to and from the N3 Highway and a brand new Private Hospital has been built along the N3 Highway. There are a number of retail outlets in the area as well as peaceful Office buildings. The Quarry in Hilton is a more modern Retail node, with supermarkets, clothing shops and restaurants found in the centre. Surrounding Hilton are some farm stalls, factory shops and home Industry traders.



Howick and Merrivale are towns located North of Pietermaritzburg with both being located in the vicinity of the N3 Highway, which connects them to the rest of the province. Howick and Merrivale are surrounded by agricultural land, natural mountains and dams. There are many retail outlets in the area that include various types of retail space. There are a number of farm stalls, factory shops and home industry traders in the area as well as markets held at Howick Falls. Some of the Industries found in this area include Sutherlands Home Furnishing, Fairfield Dairy, Dairy Day and Pallet Link. There are also a fair amount of Office buildings in the area and the...


Masons Mill And Pentrich

Masons Mill and Pentrich are two Industrial areas, both situated on the West side of Pietermaritzburg. Situated near these areas is the large Hulamin Plant and there are also furniture and farm equipment sales in the area. Other large companies found in the area are Rovic Leers, Talbot & Talbot and Improchem. Nearby to these two areas is Edendale, which has been an established residential area for many years. Edendale is now growing as a retail node with a number of businesses trading in the area, as well as Edendale Mall having become a very popular complex.  


Mkondeni is an established Industrial area on the South Side of Pietermaritzburg. This area is home to many manufacturing companies and also a large amount of smaller businesses that occupy the many Mini-Factory Complexes in the area. Mkondeni is home to the landmark Unilever Distribution Centre in Shortts Retreat Road and is also home to large companies such as BSI Steel, Barloworld Manline Depot and Span Africa Steel. Mkondeni is accessed off C.B Downes Road and it’s proximity to the N3 Highway is ideal for access of large trucks and suppliers. The area still has a fair amount of vacant land available to developers and end users. All essential Municipal...


Pietermaritzburg is the capital of KwaZulu-Natal and is the second-largest city in the province. Located on the N3 Highway from Johannesburg to Durban, Pietermaritzburg is a regionally important Industrial hub, producing aluminium, timber and dairy products. The city also possesses very strong Commercial and Retail areas. Maritzburg Mall is an area along church Street that has been a thriving retail node for decades. There are other shopping areas that have developed in the CBD, including Victoria Road. Further out of the city’s centre are small shopping malls and office blocks, as well as the very popular Midlands Liberty Mall. There are also a number of...



Willowton is situated in the East of Pietermaritzburg and has been an Industrial node for a number of decades and there are a number of well established, Manufacturing businesses in the area. With the addition of the new overpass, access to the N3 Highway is now easier and this continues to make Willowton a popular Industrial area. Industries located in Willowton include Belgotex, Ramsay Engineering, TDM Doors and Tiger Brands. Nearby to Willowton is the area of Raisethorpe, which is a Residential area as well as a Retail district.

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