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Eliminating physical clutter eradicates mental clutter. But, this can be taken many steps further to ensure your business
is welcoming and promotes the vision, passion, professionalism and slick reputation of your business to investors,
landlords and tenants alike.

Once you have your chosen location, it makes good business sense to put your own personality stamp on your premises
and make it your own; identifiably, undeniably and memorably you.
“Put your own personality stamp on your premises and make it your own; identifiably,
undeniably and memorably you,” says Laurin Claassen of LC Interiors.
Office space reflects your company’s culture – ideally cool, airy and fresh, but warm and inviting at the same time. Great
design is a key driver towards attracting positive attention to your business and faith in your innovation and business

So, what’s trending in office design? Laurin Claassen of LCInteriors says, “Hiding unsightly wires and creating
multifunctional workspaces is a good starting point.”
Businesses work best when we share ideas and this quite literally translates to ‘putting heads together’.
Successful organisations have moved away from people working in isolated offices and have broken down the walls
creating open plan working environments. Building on from this, innovative corporate and industrial design can mean a
better functioning and efficient work space conducive to creating a melting pot of original, out-of-the-box ideas.
Clever architectural layouts can ensure small spaces can be optimised by creating multipurpose work areas, communal
tables for client, team or brainstorming meetings, even personalised docking areas for mobile employees.
Designated lounges are also trending within businesses, thus welcoming in those who have recently taken up working in
coffee cafés. The relaxed coffee lounge environment is more welcoming to clients and colleagues and an enabler to
positive business outcomes.

Laurin, who has 15 years of business and residential interior and architectural design experience says, “In the design
business, we judge the success of our interiors by the way people use and enjoy them. The heart of the home or workspace
needs to meet our clients’ needs. Individuals need to feel a sense of meaning, connection and belonging in the space
they work or reside. In business, this encourages identification with and loyalty to the organisation and its brand.
And then, of course, there’s the eternal wish of getting away from it all and going on that longed for holiday where we can
dip our toes in the ocean or walk in lush green gardens. Design is also recognising this need and bringing the outdoors
into home and office spaces.

“Scenery, be it wall art or the view into a courtyard, can calm our spirits and free us up to get on with what we are good at
so, at the end of the day, we can put our feet up and smile at a job well done – be it satisfying our clients’ or our family’s
needs,” concludes Laurin.

LC Interiors is an interior design and architectural practiced recently relocated to Pietermaritzburg from Cape Town. It specialises in
a broad range of interior design solutions for commercial, retail and residential environments. Each design and delivery method is
tailored to their clients’ specific individual needs. Contact Laurin Claassen at LAURIN@LCINTERIORS.CO.ZA or on 061 414 1049 or
visit for more information.

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