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    Our business needed a building to be renovated to our specific requirements in order for us to move in and begin our work. Profile Property had let us the building and their Construction and Development Division came and removed a dry wall and erected a new one. They organised for all the floor tiles to be removed and for new tiles to be put in. The team also adjusted all the doors to open and close correctly and then they painted the shop. What I found unique was I was given a schedule of what was going to be done which allowed us to plan and he constantly phoned to update us on his progress. I was impressed with the team as they cleaned up the shop after all the renovations were complete windows and they followed up afterwards to ensure I was satisfied with the work. The Profile Construction and Development Division were very prompt and timely. They even completed the job a few days early and achieved a quality finish. I would be more than happy to recommend the team to anyone who needs renovations and adjustments made to a building.