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  • Our passion for Commercial, Industrial and Retail real estate and our core focus on matching the right property with the right investor or business, is what drives our team.

    We only feel a sense of achievement when we've found the right location in which a business can thrive and our goal is always to link our extensive property knowledge with an Investors', Landlords' or Tenants' needs. This is what our business and reputation has been built on and we'd like to assist you so you can benefit as well. We believe that the prosperity of any business is based on the vision of the business owner, the passion of the management team and the ideal location. If you believe you have the first two elements, then there's no one better to work with for the third, than Profile Property.

    We'd like to take a moment to present our approach so that you can pursue the next step in the evolution of your commercial, industrial or retail property portfolio needs.

    For the Investor:

    We not only sell properties but we have, for more than a decade, invested in them personally. That's because in order to give you sound advice we have to be sure it's the same advice we'd follow when, personally, looking at properties such as Office space, Factories, Workshops, Farms and Retail Space.

    We continue to expand our property portfolio because there are few investments that can outperform commercial, industrial and retail property in South Africa at present and we work closely with our Clients to ensure a sound approach is used to ensure you get the best deal available when investing in properties for your own needs.

    All our Clients benefit from the decades we've invested in understanding and capitalising on the property industry.

    For the Landlord:

    With our in-depth knowledge of Office space, Factories, Workshops, Retail Space and Farms, and with contacts within many national companies and national chains, we have a proven record of sourcing not only great anchor tenants but also manufacturing operations or distribution hubs who can turn your investment into a cash positive asset in a short space of time. Being investors ourselves we know that every good property investment requires a stable, good quality tenant in order for it to grow and we pride ourselves on the contacts we have to enable the best possible tenant to be found, when you need it.

    For the Tenant:

    With a wide and diverse commercial, industrial and retail portfolio there's no one better positioned to help you find the ideal location to expand your business than working with us, so we can match your needs with the best possible location available, to achieve your business goals. Having placed many commercial, industrial and retail clients in locations across the country we have insights into what makes the best business location for a wide variety of business models and we can ensure your business benefits from this experience

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