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    "Profile has a track record of excellence when it comes to developing properties and delivered a well- built structure at a competitive price for us."

    How would you rate Profile's communication and commitment from the start to finish of the project?

    "Communication cannot be faulted, and all tiers of management went out of their way to communicate on all aspects of the project. What was impressive was their proactive approach to the build, quickly identifying potential issues and addressing them with us in good time. Their commitment to delivering a quality structure on time was impressive."

    In terms of timelines and budget, were your expectations met and managed throughout each phase of the project?

    "As with all building projects, timelines must be managed and reassessed due to circumstances beyond the control of all parties. This was always done in consultation with us and reasons explained. The budget was well maintained, and any deviation was due to additional work requested by us."

    Was there any after sales service from Profile? If yes, briefly elaborate.

    "Yes, there has been after sales service to address minor issues that always emerge after a project of this size. These were addressed in an efficient and professional manner."

    Would you recommend Profile's Construction and Development Division to other Companies needing to develop/build commercial space? And Why?

    "Highly recommend Profile's construction and development division for professional and efficient service at a competitive price and because they have the skills required to manage large and small projects to completion and provide the after sales service that is required on building projects."